What is the MAXIM 9?

The Maxim 9 is KRYTAC's first gas powered airsoft gun. It is a licensed replica of the real Maxim 9 integrally suppressed pistol produced and manufactured by SilencerCo.

What magazines are compatible?

Maxim 9 uses Glock-style magazines manufactured by KRYTAC. KRYTAC magazines are available in green gas and 12g CO2 cartridge options. KRYTAC magazines are much lighter than other compatible magazines, weighing in at only 4.2 ounces (119 grams).

The Maxim 9 magazine is made to the same dimensions as Tokyo Marui & VFC Glock-style magazines, however modification or fitment may be required to use non-KRYTAC magazines.

For best performance, we recommend using KRYTAC Maxim 9 magazines.

Is a holster available?

Yes, a KRYTAC designed and manufactured holster is available. It will fit the Maxim 9 with an optic attached, and with the pistol in either short or long configuration. The holster features adjustable retention so you can adjust the force required to remove the pistol from its holster.

It is designed to be attached to your belt. It can also be removed from its original belt loop mounting plate and attached to a mount utilizing the Safariland® ALS® pattern.

What kind of tracer is inside the Maxim 9?

The optional tracer unit is manufactured by AceTech in collaboration with KRYTAC. It is a custom version of the AceTech BiFrost tracer unit.

The tracer unit features an internal UV LED to illuminate glow BBs as well as features AceTech's forward-facing "Flame" effect that simulates muzzle flash. The "Flame" effect is selectable in either Red, Green, KRYTAC Orange, or Multi (all colors flash).

A special threaded adapter was also created to accommodate the Maxim 9's outer barrel.

What sights/optics are compatible?

The optional Maxim 9 Optic Plate will allow you to add a compact dot optic made to either the Trijicon® RMR®, RMRcc®, or Shield RMS footprint. These are three of the most common compact optic footprints on the market.

What aftermarket parts are compatible?

Both the hop-up rubber and the inner barrel are Tokyo Marui specifications.

Who designed and manufactures the Maxim 9?

The KRYTAC SilencerCo Maxim 9 was designed by and is manufactured in-house by KRYTAC.

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