Receiver Pin Removal

This is a guide on how to remove the front receiver pin, also known as the takedown pin, on the ALPHA, TRIDENT, WAR SPORT LVOA, , WAR SPORT GPR-CC, and BARRET REC7 series.

The front receiver pin is designed to be a tight fit. This helps eliminate any movement (wobble) between the receiver and the upper. This also means that, unless your KRYTAC airsoft gun is well worn and the receiver pin has been removed and reinstalled many times, you will not be able to remove the pin by hand and will need to use tools.

First, using a 2.5mm allen key, remove the receiver pin's screw cap.

Make sure that the receiver is lifted from the work surface and is well supported to prevent damage and to allow the receiver pin to move.

Next, insert a 1/8" punch into the receiver pin.


Using a hammer, gradually drive the receiver pin out. We recommend many mild taps instead of a few heavy hits.


Continue until you can remove the pin by hand or the pin falls free.

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