Loading AEG Magazines

Just about all KRYTAC airsoft electric guns include a non-winding magazine. The only exceptions are the TRIDENT 47 (TR47) SPR-M, which includes a 600rd high capacity winding magazine, and the TRIDENT LMG Enhanced with its box magazine.

To load a non-winding magazine, you can certainly press each BB into the magazine one-by-one, but this is painstakingly slow. We recommend using an airsoft BB loader (speedloader) to load BBs into your magazine.

BB loaders are available through your local KRYTAC dealer.

Loading Non-Winding Magazine

Fill your BB loader with BBs.

Insert the tip of the BB loader into your magazine's feeding opening.

Pump the BBs into the magazine. You may need to shake the BB loader from time to time.

Stop once the magazine is full. You will feel resistance once the magazine is at capacity.

Do not attempt to overfill the magazine as this will lead to internal damage.

Loading High Capacity Magazine

To load a winding high capacity magazine, open the trap door at the top of the magazine.

Fill the magazine with BBs, then close the trap door.

Locate the winding wheel on the bottom of the magazine. Wind the wheel until the clicking sound changes. You will need to wind the magazine from time to time as you use it.

Loading LMG Box Magazine

To load the LMG Box Magazine, remove the side cover. Install a suitable battery into the magazine.

Pour BBs into the internal reservoir until full, then reinstall the side cover.

Locate the button on the underside. Press and hold the button until the internal spring is completely wound up, denoted by a change in the winding sound. You will need to wind the magazine from time to time as you use it.

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