Gas Powered Guns

The officially licensed SilencerCo Maxim 9 is KRYTAC's first gas powered airsoft gun.

It is powered by standard airsoft Green Gas that is charged directly into the magazine. Magazines using standard disposable 12g COcartridges are also available.

Airsoft Green Gas is available for purchase through your local KRYTAC dealer. 12g COcartridges are available at your local KRYTAC dealer or most sporting goods stores.

How To Charge Magazine (Green Gas)

Charge your magazine in a well-ventilated area, away from sparks or flame.

To charge your Maxim 9 magazine with Green Gas, first locate the charging valve on the back of the magazine.


Insert the tip of the Green Gas canister down into the charging valve and press it into the valve.

Note: It is important that the canister is pointed straight down into the magazine as you want to charge the magazine with the liquid from the canister.


You will hear a slight hissing as the magazine is charged. Once the magazine is charged, remove the Green Gas canister. You can't overfill the magazine so don't worry about charging it longer than required.

Use of Full Automatic fire mode will increase gas consumption compared to Semi Automatic fire mode.

How To Load BBs

Slide the follower to the bottom of the magazine. This will expose a gap large enough to insert BBs.

You can then either insert the BBs by hand:


Or you can use a BB speed loader to pump BBs into the magazine:


Do not overfill the magazine with BBs.

When sliding the follower down, do not release it there are no BBs in the magazine, allowing it to snap to the top of the magazine. This can damage the follower and/or the magazine feed lips.

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