Clearing BB Jams

If you suspect that you have a BB jammed in the barrel or hop-up unit, stop shooting immediately. Do not try to clear the jam by continuing to fire as this may result in internal damage.

You can identify a BB jam audibly as your airsoft gun will sound "muffled" when you try to fire and no BBs will exit the barrel.

To clear the BB jam, you will need to use the pointed end of the cleaning rod that is included with your KRYTAC AEG.

Wear eye protection and keep your airsoft gun pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Step 1

Unplug the battery pack and remove the magazine.

Step 2

Set the hop-up to position 0.

Step 3

Insert the pointed end of the cleaning rod through the front end of the barrel until you feel resistance. Do not apply excessive force.

Step 4

Gently rotate the cleaning rod while continuing to lightly advance the cleaning rod further into the barrel. The jammed BB will come out through the bottom of the hop-up unit. Stop advancing the cleaning rod once the BB has been removed, otherwise you risk damaging the air nozzle.


After you remove the jammed BB, it is highly recommended that you clean the bore of the barrel to remove any fouling that may have caused the jam in the first place. It is also a good idea to inspect your BBs, particularly the BB that was originally jammed. Do not reuse BBs.

To confirm normal function, set the hop-up to position 3 and take a few test shots.

If you are still experiencing jamming, or if you are unable to clear the jam after following the instructions above, you must remove the hop-up unit and inner barrel for a closer inspection and deep cleaning. See our Hop-Up Maintenance article for more information.

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