Receiver Compatibility

It is possible to mix and match the lower receiver and upper receiver between the ALPHA, TRIDENT (see special notes below), War Sport LVOA, and Barrett REC7 series. There will be cosmetic differences, but functionally they are compatible.


TRIDENT 47 (TR47) SPR receiver and upper are not interchangeable with the other models.

This is because the TR47 is modeled after the real SR-47 platform which uses AK-style magazines, so the hop-up unit and overall receiver design are exclusive to the TR47.


LMG Receiver with non-LMG Upper

Using a TRIDENT LMG Enhanced receiver with a non-LMG upper is possible, but please note the following:

  • LMG has a different mock bolt release lever, but will not affect function.
  • The gearbox shell will be exposed with the dust cover open since there is no mock AR bolt plate.

LMG Upper with non-LMG Receiver

Using a TRIDENT LMG Enhanced upper with a non-LMG receiver is possible but the receiver and gearbox must be adapted to fit the LMG upper.

  • The original bolt release lever must be replaced with the LMG mock bolt release lever.
  • Gearbox must be modified.
    • Mock bolt plate must be removed.
    • Both bolt plate guides must be removed.
    • Bolt plate lock hardware must be removed.
    • Bolt plate guide standoffs must be filed flush with the rest of the gearbox shell.

It may be possible to omit filing down the bolt plate guide standoffs on the right side of the gearbox, however this may disturb the alignment of the air nozzle with the hop-up unit, leading to a poor air seal and poor performance.

Improperly modifying the gearbox may result in catastrophic damage. Filing down the bolt plate guide standoffs will also permanently remove the ability to use the mock bolt plate if you wish to return to a non-LMG configuration.

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