AEG Hop-Up Buckings

KRYTAC currently has two AEG hop-up buckings available:

  • Soft (Orange)
  • Medium (Blue)

Soft (Orange) Bucking

The orange hop-up bucking is standard on KRYTAC airsoft electric guns designed from factory for 1 Joule or lower output.

The soft bucking applies good backspin to the BB with a lower hop-up setting. It can be used for power output up to around 400 FPS (measured with 0.20g BBs). It can certainly be used with higher velocity builds, but will wear out sooner.

Medium (Blue) Bucking

The blue hop-up bucking is standard on the vast majority of factory-configuration KRYTAC airsoft electric guns. 

It may need a higher hop-up setting when compared to the orange hop-up bucking for the same amount of backspin. It is harder wearing than the orange hop-up bucking and will last longer with high velocity builds.

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