Upgrades, Modifications & Aftermarket Parts

We are not able to provide any guides nor recommendations regarding compatibility of aftermarket parts, nor with making modifications to KRYTAC airsoft guns. You do so at your own risk and with the understanding that some fitment and/or modification to the part, your KRYTAC product, or both, may be needed.

This includes aftermarket parts such as, but not limited to, PolarStar HPA engines, electronic fire control / trigger groups (aftermarket MOSFET systems), etc..

The only company that currently makes aftermarket parts specifically for KRYTAC airsoft guns with our direct input is LayLax.

We also are unable to provide any advice regarding the fitment of aftermarket accessories onto KRYTAC airsoft guns.

We can recommend that you consult with other KRYTAC owners through one of the various KRYTAC owners' groups on the Internet to see what other KRYTAC owners have done.

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