General Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your KRYTAC airsoft gun will keep it looking and performing at its best.

Before you service your airsoft gun, be sure to first clear the barrel by removing the magazine and firing in a safe direction. After you confirm that there are no BBs exiting the barrel, disconnect and remove the battery pack.

What Oil To Use?

For general maintenance, use standard, non-spray silicone oil, which you can find at your local KRYTAC dealer or a home hardware store. Spray-type silicone oil contains propellant and additives, which are not recommended.

Do not use WD-40.

External Components

Use a clean, lint-free cloth to wipe down the exterior of your airsoft gun.

Use a small piece of cloth and a light amount of silicone oil to apply a light coating of oil to the steel components, such as receiver pins and screws, especially if you are playing in damp conditions or live in a high humidity region. This will prevent rust.

It is also a good idea to check for any loose screws. With use, screws can loosen over time. Use the correct sized driver and tighten any loose screws. Do not overtighten; most screws only need to be hand tight, or slightly over.

Internal Components

The only internal part that needs to be maintained on a regular basis is your hop-up unit and inner barrel.

The best method to clean your barrel is to remove the hop-up and inner barrel assembly from your airsoft gun.

Use the included cleaning cloth and a lint-free cleaning patch to swab the inner barrel, going from the hop-up end to the forward end of the barrel -- the same direction that the BBs travel. We don't recommend adding any oil to the cleaning patch.

It is possible to clean the barrel without disassembling your airsoft gun and running the cleaning patch from the muzzle end and into the hop-up unit. However, this method pushes all of the dirt in the barrel into the hop-up unit and the hop-up bucking, and may not be completely cleaned out with the cleaning patch. You could also potentially damage the air nozzle if you apply too much force or insert the cleaning rod too far.

Follow the instructions in your owner's manual or see the Hop-Up Maintenance section for details.

NAUTILUS and Vector Gearbox

It is not necessary to disassemble the gearbox for routine maintenance.

We do not recommend blindly spraying or otherwise applying lubricant into the gearbox through any of the holes.

There is no set maintenance interval on when the gearbox should or needs to be opened for maintenance. 

When asking the airsoft community for a recommended service interval for the gearbox, suggestions will wildly vary, anywhere from a few ten thousand BBs, to hundreds of thousands of BBs,  six month intervals, one year intervals, etc.. 

Ultimately this will vary on your usage and will be at your discretion. Gearboxes that have been opened and modified from its original factory configuration may require shorter maintenance intervals.

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