Barrel Nut Removal

The KRYTAC TRIDENT / TRIDENT Mk2 series, War Sport LVOA series, and Barrett REC7 series of airsoft guns are based on the ubiquitous AR-pattern rifle. These use a barrel nut on the upper that is used to retain the outer barrel and as the mounting point for the handguard (rail system). Aftermarket handguards use their own barrel nut, which will typically be included with the handguard.

KRYTAC original handguards such as the TR1xx and TR2xx series handguards use the same KRYTAC barrel nut.

With the right tools and the correct technique, the barrel nut can be removed from your KRYTAC airsoft gun so you may install the aftermarket handguard / rail system of your choice.

NOTE: Any damage that may occur during or as a result of this process is not covered under warranty.

Tools Required

  • 32mm open end wrench or adjustable wrench.
  • 1.5mm allen key.
  • Table/bench vise to secure the upper for leverage.
  • (OPTIONAL) AR-15 Upper Vise Block
  • (OPTIONAL) Shop rags

Using an AR-15 Upper Vise Block to hold your upper in the vise is the best method as this will securely hold the upper without marring the finish and will avoid any damage if used properly. Avoid overtightening the vise.


If you will not be using an Upper Vise Block, use shop rags around the vise jaws to mitigate damage. Clamp only around the top rail, and do not overtighten the vise, otherwise you risk severely damaging or destroying your upper. Tighten the vise jaws just enough so that the upper does not move.



Use the 1.5mm allen key to loosen and remove the two set screws on the gas block before sliding it off the barrel.

The barrel nut is standard threaded, so you will need to turn it anticlockwise (counter clockwise) to remove.

Be careful not to overtorque the barrel nut to avoid damaging any components.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing your aftermarket barrel nut and handguard.


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