My AEG does not shoot!

For issues initially described as "not shooting", first we need to know exactly what you mean:

  1. No sound or movement coming from the airsoft gun.
  2. Gun makes a "clicking" or "clunking" sound when you squeeze the trigger.
  3. Gun makes a "muffled" sound when you squeeze the trigger and no BBs come out.
  4. Motor is running but no BBs come out.

Before trying to identify the root cause of the issue, first check your battery pack and make sure that:

  • Is in good working condition.
  • Is properly charged using the appropriate battery charger.
  • Is confirmed working in another similarly configured airsoft gun, if possible.

Check the wires and battery connector on both the battery pack and the airsoft gun. It is possible that the wires on your battery pack may be reversed. When plugged in, the color of the wires are to match the wires coming from your airsoft gun.

tamiya.jpg tplug.jpg


Motor Makes No Sound or Movement

Check the battery connectors!

Check the battery connector on both the battery pack and on the airsoft gun. Look for loose wires.

If you are using a mini Tamiya connector, check the internal pins in the connectors. On both connectors the metal pins need to be firmly locked within its plastic housing. Give each wire a slight tug; if it comes out of the connector, it is worn out.

On the airsoft gun, the metal pins in the battery connector may have spread apart; you may need to use a thin tool to gently tighten the pins.

Also check that the two wires going to the fuse holder have not disconnected.

Check the fuse!

Check the in-line fuse. In most cases, a visual inspection is sufficient. If you know how to use a multimeter, you may use it to test the continuity and resistance of the fuse.

The fuse is typically located in-line with the battery connector on a fuse holder.


On the Vector AEG, the fuse is located on a separate board inside the upper housing. Refer to your owner's manual for instructions on how to separate the upper from the receiver.


Inspect the fuse. If the fuse has blown, replace it with another 20A (20 Amp) automotive mini-blade fuse only. Replacements are available at your local authorized KRYTAC dealer or at your local automotive parts store. Do not use a fuse of a different specification. Do not attempt to bypass or otherwise circumvent the fuse.

The fuse on the left is a fuse in good working condition. The fuse on the right is blown. Notice the difference in the "S" shape in the middle of the fuse and the dark spot. Blown fuses may not match the example below, but this will give you an idea as to what to check for.


Check the Motor Connectors!

If the battery pack is confirmed to be functional and the fuse is confirmed to be intact but there is still no electrical activity, it's possible that one or both of the motor leads may have disconnected from the motor.

On AR-style KRYTAC AEGs (TRIDENT series, War Sport LVOA series, Barrett REC7 series), the motor is located in the pistol grip. Use a Phillips #2 screwdriver to remove the motor plate's two screws. If present, remove the white tamper-evident sticker and the rubber material on the screw head to avoid damaging the screw head.

Do not adjust the large slotted screw in the center as this is the motor height adjustment screw.

Remove the motor plate, then make sure that the two motor connectors are securely attached. Compare your motor connectors to the example here:




Motor or Gearbox Makes Clicking Sound

When you press the trigger, but you hear a sound such as, but not limited to:

  • Clicking sound from the motor.
  • Clicking sound from the gearbox.
  • Squealing sound.

Assuming that your battery pack is charged and in good condition, this is indicative of an internal fault and/or damage that will require partial or complete disassembly of your KRYTAC AEG's internal components for inspection and service.

If your KRYTAC AEG is still covered under the 60-Day Warranty, please contact your KRYTAC dealer or contact the KRYTAC distributor for your country for assistance.

See our Warranty page for more information.

If your KRYTAC product is no longer covered under warranty, have a qualified airsoft technician inspect and service your KRYTAC product, or view our Technical Information section for any relevant guides.


Muffled Sound from Barrel / Hop-Up

A BB is likely jammed in the barrel.

See the Clearing BB Jams section for more information.


Motor Running but Not Firing

If your AEG sounds normal when you try to fire, but no BBs are being fired, and it is confirmed that there is no BB jammed in the barrel, there may be a few causes:

  • Hop-up is set too high.
  • Magazine is empty or not sufficiently loaded.
  • Magazine is jammed or damaged.
  • Physical damage to the hop-up unit.

Try resetting your hop-up by setting it to position 0, then to position 3, and then perform a test fire. If it is still not firing BBs:

First, place your AEG on Safe, remove the magazine, and look into the magazine well to check for physical damage to the hop-up unit.

If you don't see any damage, try using a different loaded magazine. If the other magazine works without issue, then the original magazine likely needs to be serviced or replaced. See the Magazine Maintenance section for more information.

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