Maxim 9 Loading Nozzle Replacement

Replacing the Maxim 9 loading nozzle is easy to do with the correct tools.

Tools needed:

  • #1 Phillips driver
  • #0 Phillips driver
  • Small pick or precision tweezers

To begin, follow the instructions in your owner's manual to remove the slide.

Using a #1 Phillips driver, remove the mode selector screw.


Remove the mode selector components from the slide. Take note of the spring and detent and do not lose them.


Lift the loading nozzle housing straight out of the slide. The fitment is fairly tight, so if you are unable to lift it straight out, you can insert a small pick or precision tweezers into a small hole in the rear of the loading nozzle housing. Use the tool to slightly lever the rear of the loading nozzle housing, then lift it straight out.

Do not attempt to "pry" the loading nozzle housing out of the slide as this will damage the housing, the slide, or both.



Turn the loading nozzle housing over and unhook the return spring, then slide the loading nozzle out of the housing.


Using a #0 Phillips driver, remove the spring retention screw.


Transfer the spring retention screw and spring to the new loading nozzle

While you have the loading nozzle housing disassembled, it is a good idea to wipe down the housing to remove any dirt & debris, and also wipe down the piston head and apply a very light amount of silicone grease to help maintain the seal.

install the loading nozzle into the housing, hook the spring onto the housing, then proceed with reinstallation into the slide.

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