Becoming a KRYTAC Dealer

This article covers information for airsoft product sellers that are interested in carrying and selling KRYTAC products.

Please be aware, KRYTAC does not sell directly to individual dealers. Wholesale purchases must be made through the authorized distributor for your country/region.

We are currently not opening any new importers/distributors for countries/regions with an importer & distributor already established.

The countries listed below are commonly inquired countries. For a full list of our worldwide importers/distributors, please see our Dealer Locator page and scroll down to "AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS".

United States

Airsoft shops in the United States may contact Superstore for wholesale purchasing information.

Evike.Com Inc.


Airsoft shops in Canada may contact Toronto Airsoft for wholesale purchasing information.

Toronto Airsoft

United Kingdom (UK)

Airsoft shops in the UK may contact either Land Warrior Airsoft or Shield Firearms & Sights for wholesale purchasing information.

Land Warrior
+44 131 654 2452

Shield Firearms & Sights
+44 (0)1297 678233

European Union (EU)

Airsoft shops within the EU may contact Airsoftzone (TMH Trading) for wholesale purchasing information.

Tmh Trading
+43 7252 50900

Country Not Listed

Please visit our Dealer Locator page and scroll down to "AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS" to see our full list of worldwide authorized importers.

If there is no KRYTAC importer & distributor for your country, we may be open to discussions regarding becoming an authorized importer & distributor.

Please contact us at with the following information:

  1. Your business name and address.
  2. How long have you been in business selling airsoft products?
  3. Are you currently a distributor for other airsoft brands?
  4. On average, how many airsoft guns do you sell in a month?
  5. Are you familiar with your country's importation, sales, and possession laws for airsoft products?
  6. What are your country's regulatory requirements for legally importing airsoft guns, and for the dealer and consumer to legally sell and possess?
    • Minimum velocity requirement (feet per second or meters per second) measured with 0.20g BBs?
    • Maximum velocity requirement (feet per second or meters per second) measured with 0.20g BBs?
    • Maximum muzzle energy requirement (Joules)?
    • Are there safety color requirements, such as a blaze orange muzzle device (orange flash hider)?
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