Maxim 9 Inner Barrel Access

Accessing the Maxim 9's inner barrel and hop-up unit requires significant disassembly of the pistol. Only attempt if you have the necessary skills and tools to do so. Attempt at your own risk.

Tools needed:

Maxim 9 Barrel Tools.jpg

  • Small hammer / mallet
  • Universal pistol block / bench block
  • 1/8" roll pin punch
  • 3/32" roll pin punch
  • 3/32" punch
  • Phillips #1 driver

Begin by removing the magazine, then follow the instructions in your owner's manual to remove the slide.

Remove the large roll pin with a 1/8" roll pin punch.

Maxim 9 Barrel 1.jpg

Pivot the grip downward.

Maxim 9 Barrel 2.jpg

Slide the grip off the rear of the frame. Be careful not to lose the knocker lock spring (indicated with arrow), which may become dislodged when removing the grip. You can cover the area with a rag as you remove the grip to help capture the spring. Remove and set aside the knocker lock and spring.

Using a 3/32" roll pin punch, remove the forward roll pin.

Maxim 9 Barrel 3.jpg

Using a Phillips #1 driver, remove the screw securing the trigger lever spring. Unhook the spring from the trigger lever, then set the screw and spring aside.

Using a 3/32" roll pin punch, remove the roll pin that is now accessible.

Maxim 9 Barrel 4.jpg

Set the hammer housing aside.

Maxim 9 Barrel 5.jpg

Using a 3/32" punch, remove the pin securing the hop-up and inner barrel assembly to the body.

Maxim 9 Barrel 6.jpg

When sliding out the hop-up and inner barrel assembly, take care as there may be a small spring installed in the right side of the hop-up unit. Place your hand or a rag over the hop-up as you slide it out.

Maxim 9 Barrel 7.jpg

Using a Phillips #1 driver, remove the two screws to disassemble the hop-up unit.

Maxim 9 Barrel 8.jpg

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